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Herbert Boh – Foreign Desk Editor
Herbert Boh is a Cameroonian born journalists. His 34-year journalism, public relations and communications career includes jobs as Reporter, Assignment Editor, Sports Editor and Political Affairs Editor at Cameroon’s Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV). He is the founder of Cameroon’s first weekly newsmagazine, Newswatch and served as the Managing Editor of Cameroon’s leading French language newspaper, La Nouvelle Expression. He has also served as a correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the French News Agency (AFP) and the pan-African Gabon-based French language radio station, Africa Number One. He is a democracy, human rights and press freedom activist. He is former Secretary General of the Union of Cameroon Journalists. His public relations and communications jobs have been as Communications Officer for the United Nations and as Senior Communications Officer 12 years for the World Bank Group. Since retiring early from the World Bank Group two years ago, he has focused on campaigning for press freedom, human rights and democracy in Africa. He speaks four languages.

Merkebu Woldemariam – Reporter in Africa Merkebu is stationed in Africa. Filing where he can find a hotspot, risking his life for the story, working in tough conditions is not a problem for this man. He gets the story for you. We may not always be able to make contact but we know that he is on the job and a stroy will be filed as soon as he can reconnect with the rest of the world.