Orem files civil complaint over SSB, Inc.

  1. Orem files civil complaint over SSB, Inc.

 In a strange twist in the question of “moral character” 23rd Judicial Circuit Court Judge Laura Faircloth once again denied a petition to renew Special Services Bureau, Inc.’s authority be to engage in a bail bonding business in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

In a previous hearing, she stated “I cannot find — and the way that the statute reads is or who is not known to be a person of good moral character and I don’t think I can make that finding. So I’m denying the petition for renewal.”

Her decision was made in part based on the testimony of court official Kim Clark. Clark testified that she was unaware that John Orem was at the secure door before she opened the door remotely to allow his wife Sher Orem in.

Attorneys for SSB, Inc. provided the court with a copy of surveillance video footage that clearly contradicts the testimony of Clark, who Faircloth ordered to the stand during the review hearing of the petition. The surveillance footage showed John Orem in plain sight at the courthouse interior office before being allowed in by Clark.

After review, Faircloth stated she was not going to consider all of the assistant’s testimony and that part of the testimony was stricken from the Dec. 4 order denying the petition. The court also found that Sher Orem is financially responsible and has a clean criminal history. However, she still denied the renewal of the license based in part of a fear that Sher Orem was not removed enough from her husband to run SSB, Inc.

The Orem’s are surprised that they are licensed in so many other locations but are having problems in the Eastern Panhandle. “I’m a bondsman in Virginia, Maryland and every other county we want to be in West Virginia. It’s just Berkeley County. And we just got approved in Monongalia County,” John Orem said.

Orem has stated in the past that he has spent over $100,000 in legal fees and would continue to fight to clear his name. “We already began a Supreme Court appeal. We filed a civil complaint against Kim Clark and Berkeley County,” Orem said.

Staff reporter Jeff McCoy can be reached at mccoy@themissionstribune.com

Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said JudgeFaircloth was not going to consider the assistant’s testimony and the testimony was stricken from the record. Faircloth only stuck part of the testimony. The Missions Tribune apologizes and regrets the error”

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